SINCE 1909 Tiesar

About us

Tiesar Personal Care ProductsTiesar Personal Care Pvt Ltd, the sales and marketing arm of TSR, is renowned for our production of sandalwood beauty care products. Pioneering with Gokul Santol, our flagship brand for the past 50 years, we have firmly established ourselves in the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, with Gokul Santol becoming one of the most preferred talcum powder brands in South India.

Recently we launched Gokul Sandiva, a line of skin care products for women and QRO, a range of men’s deodorants, further strengthening our portfolio of personal care products. Our future plans include the expansion and diversification of our product portfolio over the next few months.


Commitment to customer service

Every customer call and feedback is taken seriously and personally addressed within 48 hours by our company representative. In case of complaints, the customer is given a new pack for use while the old pack is taken back to our lab for testing.

Uncompromised product quality

Our products are formulated with great care and special attention to skin safety. Every product is subjected to a stringent and intense series of lab tests before being released into the market. It is this commitment to product quality that has helped Gokul Santol become a dominant player in the talcum powder category.