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Santol Cool

Gokul Santol Skin Cooling TalcA unique blend of natural sandalwood, starch, minerals (ZNO2) and a sandalwood oil-based perfume, Gokul Santol Cool is far more effective and safer than any other product in its category. Its unique formula offers the following benefits:

Skin cooling

The key ingredient, natural sandalwood, is a proven internal skin coolant which significantly reduces the occurrence of heat boils and acne. Ordinary cool talcs, due to the use of menthol, create a hot and cold action or a tingling sensation similar to pain relievers. This does not result in any meaningful skin cooling, does not reduce bacteria, is ineffective in preventing prickly heat and also leads to skin irritation.

Active sweat absorption

The starch absorbs excess moisture from skin keeping it bacteria free.

Prickly heat reduction

Sandalwood has proven antibacterial properties which reduce bacterial growth and prevents skin rashes.

Active deodorant

Santol Cool has unique ingredients that kill odour-forming bacteria, thereby preventing body odour.


The addition of sandalwood oil & other essential oils offer a pleasing fragrance unlike ordinary medicated talcs. The perfume base has been clinically tested to be safe on all skin types and has also been specially formulated to create a lingering and long-lasting effect.

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